How do we deal with crooked admins?

The server has a problem with admins (ultramarine, Ztype) spawning in items for their convenience (immediately after a restart). For example 100+ C4. BluePrints and weapons.
Tells the population it was to get revenge on come "Cheaters"
How can we play a fair game when the admin can just do as he pleases?
We have a solid group on here and don't really want to shop for a new server but really, why waste time to gather and build?


  • Also I have several screenshot of this behavior. Its disappointing, this was a really great set of servers.
  • Ultramarine is cool but nocturne fucked me over cuz of it xC
  • I dont want to argue politics or drama inside the game. I Just think that it should be fair for everyone. If you want 100 c4 go make 100 c4. spawinging in 100 c4, weapons and bps is really low. especially a few days after a bp wipe.
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